Sarah Grey

Hello! My name is Sarah and I've seen music improve people's lives for over 20 years - that's why I became a music therapist!

I have seen children find the first thing they’ve ever felt “good” at, retirees rediscover joy and purpose, people with major physical challenges suddenly complete their strength training for the first time ever, and patients recovering from stroke begin to regulate and balance their gait. I’ve even seen adults begin to use words for the first time.  It’s all in the power of music. Music therapy can work for anyone and I want to share this fantastic resource with you, too!

Sarah completed a Master of Creative Music Therapy through Western Sydney University, and training as a Neurologic Music Therapist through the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy. She received the prestigious Dean’s Medal for academic excellence in her graduating year, and is also a trauma-informed coach through the Centre For Healing. Sarah completed a Bachelor of Music (hons) in Flute performance at the ANU School of Music and has worked as a musician, music teacher, music educator, and conductor in Canberra for over 20 years. Sarah is the principal flute and co-founder of the Australian Wind Symphony.

Sarah originally discovered the therapeutic power of music by chance, as a community music leader of the John Agnew Band: members of the band were turning up for so many more reasons than just the musical ones, and it was immensely rewarding for players and leader alike. She has also observed, taught or facilitated thousands of school-age children’s music pathways and knows that music can access, communicate with, and edit parts of the brain in ways that speech cannot.

Sarah uses a strengths-based approach. In plain English, that means we start with what you’re good at and we go on from there.

Good rapport with the therapist is paramount to progress and development in music therapy. So, sometimes you’ll find us having fun in our MT sessions, but rest assured, it is always in the best pursuit of your therapeutic goals!

Sarah is also an avid classical performer who regularly offers solo flute recitals, and owns and runs her own orchestra. If you’re a fan of musicals, ask her about the time she performed with Marina Prior!


Bachelor of Music (1st class honours)
Master of Creative Music Therapy (Dean's Medal recipient)
Registered Music Therapist
Neurologic Music Therapist
Trauma-Informed coach
AMEB instrumental exams to A.Mus.A level
Graduate Certificate in Editing & Publishing
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